A strike notice at Belgian ATC company Skeyes runs until March 23


A new conciliation meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday at 08:00 between management and unions at Skeyes (formerly Belgocontrol), the company in charge of air traffic control in Belgium.

But while the spokesman of the company declares that the social dialogue is going on, the tone is very different at the CSC/ACV Transcom trade union. For the Christian union, the demands of the workers (a list of 25 points, including requests for career interruption, promotions and bonuses) are not heard.

These are all old points,” insists Kurt Callaerts of CSCACV Transcom, “except the March air traffic controllers’ schedules and their summer schedule, but all the other points are old points and we have the same. feeling that Skeyes management does not take our demands seriously.”

The Christian trade union has filed a new strike notice for the period from February 23 to March 23. No action is planned before the meeting of this Tuesday, but if the unions feel they are not heard, they intend to mobilise their affiliates.

CSC/ACV Transcom does not exclude to close the Belgian airspace again, like on 13 February, but other forms of action are possible such as closing it for a few hours or a turn between the different regions.

UPDATE 26/02/2019 13:30

The meeting between management and unions was positive, but all the 25 points have not yet been discussed. Meanwhile, the unions have decided not to strike before 11 March, the last day of the spring break holidays. The discussions will resume on that day and the strike notice is maintained.


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