Staff shortage at Skeyes: Belgian air traffic again halted this night from 00:00 to 06:00


Usually, we do no longer report on the numerous air traffic limitations in Belgian skies, mainly during the night, because it would be an almost daily series. The developments can be followed hour after hour in a special thread of our forum.

However, the new stoppage is more important than usual, therefore we are making an exception.

Air traffic over Belgium will be suspended during the night of Monday to Tuesday, between midnight and 06:00, according to a warning of air navigation service provider Skeyes in the early evening. According to spokesman Dominique Dehaene, a worker from the CANAC control centre has announced shortly before his service that he was sick. Since there are no mandatory reserves for night service, no one has been found to replace him.

This interruption may cause embarrassment for travellers, especially Tuesday morning. Several arrivals and departures are indeed scheduled Tuesday from 05:00.

Fifty flights will suffer the consequences of the temporary closure of the airspace: 18 passenger flights (mainly at Brussels) and 32 cargo flights (mainly at Liege). The passenger flights are essentially from Brussels Airlines, for which the airport expects delays of 40 to 60 minutes. One aeroplane will be diverted to another airport.

The flights on this Monday night should not be disturbed.


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