Become an air traffic controller at Eurocontrol, Maastricht


Eurocontrol is looking for people to join their multinational team of air traffic controllers at the Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre in the Netherlands.

EUROCONTROL. Salle de controle aérien de Maastricht

A selection procedure is currently underway to find suitable candidates for the student air traffic controller trainings which are scheduled to start in February and October every year.

Specialised training is required before you can join this team of professionals. Eurocontrol will pay for that training, and will also pay you a monthly allowance while you learn!

Being safety critical, the job carries a high level of responsibility, so the selection procedure is rigorous and the training is intensely challenging. But if you succeed, you will have an enormously rewarding and interesting career!

Click on this link to apply:

EUROCONTROL. Salle de controle aérien de Maastricht


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