Air traffic in Europe on the rise again


Air traffic in Europe is on the rise again after very difficult months due to the coronavirus crisis.

Eurocontrol counted 90,549 flights last week), or 36.6% of the number of flights made in the same week last year, according to a tweet posted on Monday by the Director-General of Eurocontrol Eamonn Brennan (see hereunder).

On average, 12,936 flights were operated per day last week, 1,383 more than the previous week.

Ryanair took the largest number on its own, with an average of 1,045 per day (1,273 on Sunday). Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air, Lufthansa and Air France complete the top five. TUI Group had the highest growth rate for the latest fortnight (+561%).

However, the most interesting figure, i.e. the number of passengers, is still missing. Many flights are still operating under unprofitable conditions.


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