Belgian Federal Minister for Mobility François Bellot responds to the disruptions at air navigation service provider skeyes


François Bellot, Belgian Federal Minister for Mobility and Transport and responsible for air navigation service provider skeyes expressed his grievance about the interruptions of the air traffic controllers. “We are about to cross a line,” the minister said in Saturday’s edition of Belgian daily Le Soir, adding a warning: “skeyes’ monopoly is in jeopardy.” Tonight, Belgian airspace below 24500 feet will be closed again for air traffic. 

In the night between Saturday and Sunday, the airspace will be closed between 2 and 5 o’clock due to staff shortage, Eurocontrol announced. In order to enable traffic in and out of Liege Airport – an important airport for cargo traffic at night – a special “service continuity procedure” has been activated, a coordination between Belgain and German air traffic controllers (Brussels ACC & Langen ACC).

  • Due to staff shortage, Brussels ACC sectors EAST low, EAST high, Huldenberg and Luxembourg will not be available between 21st 0000 and 0300 UTC (NOTAM A1361/19 refers).
  • In order to enable traffic in and outbound EBLG a “Service continuity procedure” has been activated in coordination between Brussels ACC and Langen ACC raising EBLG TMA ONE, THREE, FOUR and FIVE to FL085 (NOTAM to be issued shortly).
  • Available departure route from EBLG: LNO-M170-PODAT-KENUM-NVO at FL070.  Available arrival route to EBLG: NVO-KENUM-PODAT-M170-LNO at FL080

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