Computer failure forces French air traffic control to seriously reduce capacity above, to and from France


Air traffic above, to and from France has been highly affected on Sunday morning after a failure of the common computer and communication systems. As a result, several thousands of messages – communications between airlines/ aircraft/ airports to French ATC – are queuing up. The French are working to resolve the technical problems.

Air traffic authorities have significantly reduced capacity in the following air traffic control areas (ACC): Marseille, Bordeaux, Paris, Reims and Brest. High delays are expected at Paris CDG airport, France’s biggest airport.

On social media, passengers complained about their long delays while waiting on board: delays of over three hours are currently not uncommon. The delays not only affect flights to and from France, but also e.g. between Spain and United Kingdom, were one passenger told her flight from Malaga to Manchester was delayed by two hours.

Update 10:00 (UTC +2): the computer systems are now in recovery modus, French air traffic control will gradually increase the capacity. Delays, however, will be possible as back log traffic needs to be cleared.

Passengers rushed to Twitter to comment about their delay



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