A mid-air collision between two aircraft narrowly avoided near Liège: air traffic controllers furious


On 6 September 2018, two aircraft almost collided above Liege. The monitoring body (AAIU or Air Accident Investigation Unit) considers that the incident is not serious and did not order an investigation, but the air traffic controllers consider on the contrary that a disaster was narrowly avoided. In a letter to Skeyes’ management, they denounce an “inadequate safety culture,” Mediahuis newspapers report this Wednesday.

A plane from a Turkish charter company and a plane from a German airline nearly crashed in early September, east of the city of Liege, writes De Standaard. The controllers at Steenokkerzeel did not see the incident happen, but it could be avoided thanks to the warning systems of both aircraft (TCAS).

No investigation was required as both aircraft remained at more than 1,000 feet (304 meters) of each other, says AAIU, the air incident control body.

The air traffic controllers raised alarm and have written to their director, Johan Decuyper. They complain of a chronic lack of staff and pressure, with negative consequences for safety.


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