[Pictures and videos] Ursel Avia 2018 – Special: arrival of the Belgian Air Force Airbus A321 (CS-TRJ)


This year aeroclub Ursel or “vliegclub Ursel” is celebrating its 40th birthday, and this weekend (30 June and 1 July) the aeroclub organised its yearly spotters event. The Ursel Avia 2018 theme is “Aviation in Movies“, with a special tribute to the Seaking* of the Belgian Air Force. On Friday the Belgian Air Force Airbus A321 (CS-TRJ) landed at the small airport, a spectacular sight! 

© Bart Decock

Belgian Air Force Airbus A321 CS-TRJ (HiFly) © Bram Botterman
Douglas AD-4N Skyraider © Bram Botterman
Antonov An-2T © Bram Botterman

* The Belgian Air Force Seaking of the 40th Squadron Heli is based at Koksijde Air Base and is dedicated to search and rescue operations.


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