Brussels Airlines' fleet renewal

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Re: Brussels Airlines' fleet renewal

Post by RTM » 14 Jun 2018, 17:05

Lets leave it at that.

I read your reply, and can only conclude that your reasoing is based on assumptions. That is fine. But not all of them are accurate.

Also, if you want to compare delta to SN, feel free to do so. But stay reaistic, they are apples an pears. The fastest ways to go out of business, especially in aviation, is spendng foolishly, and/or not seizing opportunities when they arrise. Always keep the big picture in mind.

You are welcome to have the last word, but I am not one of those that is going to drag a discussion for pages.

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Re: Brussels Airlines' fleet renewal

Post by lumumba » 14 Jun 2018, 18:25

On thing is sure all the platic furniture is still from SQ even the toilets it's so funny and kitsch....
Hasta la victoria siempre.

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Re: Brussels Airlines' fleet renewal

Post by Ansett » 14 Jun 2018, 21:45

Sorry or the broken record, Poiu, imho for a number of years now, we have seen that LH isi treating SN as a second class airline in the LH Group.

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