VLM Airlines to launch new route between Zurich and Antwerp


One month after the inaugural flight from Antwerp to London City, VLM Airlines will launch a new destination: Zurich. As from 22 January 2018, the airline will link Antwerp and Zurich Airport with a twice-daily Fokker F50 service from Monday through Friday.

The route between Zurich, one of the major financial centres in the world, and Antwerp is a missing link on Europe’s aviation map“, VLM Airlines announces. “Antwerp is Europe’s second largest seaport, the diamond capital of the world and also the second largest petrochemical centre in the world. Both Zurich and Antwerp are playing a key role in the European economy. VLM Airlines is therefore happy to fill this gap with a convenient morning and evening schedule that allows both business people and leisure travellers to get the most of their stay in either city.

The flight schedule as from 22 January 2018

Route Departure Arrival Flight days *
Antwerp – Zurich 07:15 08:55 12345–
Antwerp – Zurich 17:35 19:15 12345–
Zurich – Antwerp 09:25 11:25 12345–
Zurich – Antwerp 20:00 22:00 12345–

* 1 = Monday, 2= Tuesday, 3 = Wednesday, 4 = Thursday, 5 = Friday, 6 = Saturday and 7 = Sunday.



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