AirAsia ground staff cooling down brakes with cardboard


A strange procedure around the brakes of this Philippines AirAsia Airbus A320 (RP-C8979), a bunch of ground staff is cooling down the brakes with cardboard shortly after landing at a currently unknown airport. (scroll down for movie)

According to comments on social media the pilots must have received a “hot brake”-warning after landing on an apparently short runway. Steve W.H. comments that the applied procedure can be very dangerous for people standing next to the brakes: “doesn’t anyone there realize that hot brakes can lead to a magnesium wheel explosion, not a pretty site when all the shrapnel takes many of that fan brigade out!!!…

Devakaran Mukundan suggests AirAsia to buy the following cooling aids:

An experienced Airbus-pilot explains to “the brakes are clearly overheated, the correct procedure is to put the parking brake off (chocks on) and to wait for take-off till the brakes have a lower temperature. Using cardboard seems an unprofessional procedure to me. asked AirAsia Philippines for an official reply.


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