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14 November 2016 - De Tijd, Belgian financial newspaper mentions luchtzak in article: VLM Airlines wil eind dit jaar weer de lucht in.

Artikel De Tijd

25 March 2014 - La Capitale, Belgian daily newspaper, specializing in the region around Brussels and published in French published Obama à Bruxelles: Air Force One devrait arriver vers 18 h à Zaventem selon l'UBCNA.

Article La Capitale

18 November 2010 - HLN.be writes about a flapless landing at Gothenburg airport: Toestellen Brussels Airlines maken landingen zonder flaps.

Artikel in HLN.be

8 June 2010 - Radio 2 interviewed Bart on the Lufthansa Airbus A380 arriving at Brussels Airport for the first time

Listen to the radio interview

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November 2006 - With Brussels Airlines presenting its new livery back in 2006 the logo of www.luchtzak.be showed up in the 1 o'clock VRT news and on the website of Flemish newspaper De Morgen.

Logo in vrt nieuws

May 2005 - Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad added our website in their weekend-edition as well as in their online version. This is what they wrote:

Er zijn mensen die bezeten zijn van alles wat met vliegtuigen te maken heeft. Wil u de diners zien die ze op Air France serveren? Het kan! Spotterstips? Fotos van de laatste Concorde-vlucht? Het staat allemaal op deze hoogst volledige bladzijden: www.luchtzak.be.

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30 April 2005 - Erwin De Decker wrote a very interesting article in Belgian newspaper De Standaard: 10 tips om goedkoper te vliegen (10 tips to fly cheaper). Read the online article (Paid subscription). This is what the author wrote about www.luchtzak.be in tip 9:

Article published in De Standaard

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June 2004 - Proef de wereld writer Johan Lambrechts mentioned www.luchtzak.be in the section 'Vraag en Antwoord'.

Article published in Genieten

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June 2003 - Dutch magazine Piloot en Vliegtuig dedicated an entire article on www.luchtzak.be, here is a scan of the article:

Article published in Piloot en Vliegtuig

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2002 - Featured in Air Nostalgie by Steven Decraene, Peter Denruyter and Geert Sciot. An exclusive photo-collection of more then 75 years Sabena.

Mentioned in Air Nostalgie

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2002 - Mentioned in De crash van Sabena by Steven Decraene, Peter Denruyter and Geert Sciot.

Mentioned in De Crash van Sabena

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30 November 2001 - 2002 - www.luchtzak.be initially started with only 1 page, filled with links. My very first experiences with html and webdesign. That time we welcomed about 100 visitors each day. Here is an image of the website back in 2002:

www.luchtzak.be 30 November 2001 - 2002

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2003 - In 2003 I learned about phpnuke, a portal website with a phpbb forum.

www.luchtzak.be in 2003

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2004-2006 - As the website was expanding explosively, we had to move to a dedicated server back in 2004. In 2006 already more than 15.000 members registered, over 175.000 messages posted in the forums.

www.luchtzak.be in 2006

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